AMY SOL, pintura mágica

Etérea e bela pintura acrílica sobre madeira da autoria de Amy Sol, nascida na Coreia.Manga, folk art e vintage, são influências palpáveis. A sua paleta de cores é mágica. Site aqui e blog aqui, para apreciar delicadamente.

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©õllyß®y disse...

Parabens pelo belo espaço,

Doce beijo

Aloutka disse...

I don't understand a single word (well, maybe one) but the pictures and photographs you put in your blog are AMAZING! I should comment all your post, but instead let me point my fave: Alien in a veggie version. It's so funny - real postmodernism, heheh.
And thank you very much for nice comments you put in my blog - I apprieciate that very much.
Hope to stay in touch